Spotlight on Industrial Chillers

What are they?

2 CWT chillers

Industrial chillers are designed to continuously cool and circulate a chilled fluid through process equipment, most commonly in a closed loop circuit. The goal is to bring down and manage the heat created during a variety of manufacturing processes.

Many different industries require process cooling.  From chemical processing plants to food and beverage manufacturers, industrial chillers are essential to ensuring continuous operation. Any process or product that needs cooled below the temperature of ambient air can use a chiller.

How do they work?

Chillers take advantage of the fact that heat is transferred from areas of high temperature to areas of low temperature.  As water flows through the fluid circuit, it is alternately warmed (by the heat-generating process) and cooled (by the chiller).

Within the chiller, a refrigerant compressor circulates refrigerant in a closed loop between two heat exchangers: the evaporator and the condenser.

In the evaporator, heat flows from the warm process water to the refrigerant, which changes state from a liquid to a gas.  That is, the warm process water is cooled and the refrigerant is heated and vaporized.

Conversely, in the condenser, heat from the refrigerant is released to the ambient air,  thus, cooling the refrigerant. Here, the refrigerant changes  from a gas to a liquid, a process known as condensation. Refer to Diagram below.

As an analogy, think of your home air conditioner, which also uses a typical refrigeration circuit.  Inside the house, a blower forces warm return air through the evaporator, producing the cool air that flows into each room.  Outside, a fan draws ambient air across the condenser and heats it; place your hand above the fan and you can feel the rejected heat from the system.  This is the heat that has been extracted from your home.

Diagram of the interaction of the fluid circuit and the refrigeration circuit in a chiller

How do I decide what’s best for me?

Because industrial chillers come in many different sizes and configurations, choosing the unit that is best for your application can be difficult.  Fortunately, CASCO USA has the best industry professionals ready to work with you to define exactly what your system needs for optimum performance.

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