Air System Controls

Master Control Systems

Traditionally, compressor systems have utilized simple sequencers to rotate compressors between multiple staggered pressure switch settings in order to equalize wear and match compressor capacity to demand. However, this required compressors to be similarly sized and caused a wider pressure band than was desirable.

Modern master control systems are able to manage multiple types and sizes of compressors with a tight pressure band, and combine features such as remote monitoring and data logging.

Sigma Air Manager

Up to 16 Compressors

Sigma Air Manager (SAM) combines Kaeser’s decades of compressed air expertise with the latest industrial control technology. More than just a simple sequencer that balances load hours or cascade controller, this air system controller provides a variety of tools to manage your air system in real time.


SAM – Adaptive 3-D-control

SAM’s adaptive 3-D-control detects switching losses (starts/stops), control losses (idling and FC losses) and pressure flexibility (average increase over required pressure), optimizes the ratios between these determining factors and minimizes the associated energy requirements. The average pressure is reduced and while pressure stability increases for maximum energy savings.

Remoting monitoring and control

If desired, SAM can be easily connected to via modem interface to one of Kaeser’s authorized service centers via SMS or a standard telephone line. This feature further enhances system reliability and decreases customer maintenance costs.

Integral web server

Using powerful industrial PC-based technology, SAM is an all-in-one master control system and an integral web server. This versatile system not only ensures energy-saving control, but also provides unrivalled transparency relating to key data such as operational status, energy consumption and compressed air system costs.


Built-in efficiency

SAM automatically ensures optimum energy consumption. Users benefit from outstanding energy efficiency and user-friendly operation – simply enter the required pressure and compressor performance data – the rest is done for you.

Sigma Air Manager BASIC

Up to 4 Compressors

Do you need efficient control without the “bells and whistles”?  The KAESER Sigma Air Manager (SAM) Basic includes the efficient control algorithms of its big brother, in an economical package for a smaller facility.

Efficiently controls up to four fixed speed compressors, blowers, or vacuum pumps of the same or varying sizes.

Flow Controls

250 to 24,000 CFM
Up to 200 PSIG

The KAESER Flow Controller (KFC) separates the supply side from the distribution system. Controllers create “real” storage within the receiver tank by accumulating compressed air without delivering it downstream. Total air consumption is reduced by virtually eliminating artificial demand and substantially reducing leakage. Stored compressed air is available to satisfy demand spikes without pressure drop or requiring stand-by compressors to engage.

KFCs can be installed easily in new or existing compressed air systems.

Important features and advantages:

  • Maintains stable system pressure and reduces leakage losses
  • Keeps tools and equipment operating at peak efficiency by eliminating overpressurization
  • Saves energy by using stored compressed air instead of bringing stand-by compressors on-line for air demand spikes