Piping Systems

Up to 6” (168mm)
Up to 232 PSIG

Steel pipe leaks, rusts, and corrodes when exposed to the combination of oxygen and moisture in compressed air.  Copper pipe is expensive and labor intensive to install in brazed compressed air installations.  Plastic pipe is incompatible with compressor lubricants and is considered unsafe for compressed air applications.  Consider our KAESER SmartPipe and Parker Transair aluminum piping system for your installation.

These high quality Aluminum piping systems form a modular compressed air distribution system that offers both lower installation costs and lower long-term operating costs.

Fast to install and easy to modify, this is the most versatile compressed air distribution system available. Our combination of lightweight materials and connectors dramatically reduce labor and installation time, especially in overhead installations.

Smooth calibrated aluminum construction has a low friction coefficient, providing the best possible laminar flow. Full bore fittings further minimize pressure drop for optimum flow and energy efficiency. Leak-free connectors prevent air loss and wasted energy.

Aluminum is ideal for installations requiring the highest quality air. Aluminum material will not rust or corrode. Further, it has no rough surfaces or interior restrictions that accumulate contaminants. The smooth interior with full bore design allows them to flow to your dryers and filters for efficient removal.

Other features:

  • Installs faster than common piping
  • No specialized trades are needed
  • No threading, welding, or brazing pipe
  • No special tools are needed
  • Simple mounting and connecting hardware
  • Can connect to existing systems with other pipe types
  • Easy to add on to or disassemble for your changing needs