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CWT Series Process Chillers (2.5 to 38 Tons)

Our CWT Series water chillers are fully packaged with an integrated refrigeration system, pump, tank, and controls pre-configured and ready to run. Above 5 tons, these units include multiple refrigeration compressors for improved part load efficiency.

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At part load, when additional compressors are cycled off, the condensers and evaporators become over-sized, actually increasing the energy efficiency ratio of the chiller.




The pre-configured microprocessor control optimizes all CWT chiller components and functions. Display includes setpoint and actual temperature, compressor run, and pump run indicators. Setpoint changes are easily performed via the keypad, which also allows readout of the refrigeration system pressures for simplified troubleshooting. Remote control panel is available as an option.



Standard units include integral multistage centrifugal pump with sufficient head for most installations. Redundant duplex pumps and/or high head pressure pumps are available on most models. Dual pump units include automatic sequencing through the microprocessor control.



Microchannel aluminum condensers allow greater efficiency with a 35% smaller refrigerant charge than conventional condensers. Standard stainless steel mesh filters protect condensers from debris, simplifying maintenance.



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