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Compressed air is often referred to as the fourth utility. In fact, over a 10 year period energy can consume 70 – 77% of all compressed air cost. There are many energy saving opportunities within a compressed air system.

This one-day seminar is designed to help evaluate and look for ways to optimize the performance of your compressed air system. The information contained in this seminar is very helpful to plant engineers, operating managers, maintenance supervisors,consulting engineering firms, and anyone who wants the most from their compressed air systems. Whether you are designing a new facility, planning capital improvements or looking for the tools and tips to improve a current system, our seminar emphasizes practical information that you can implement to not only improve system performance but to reduce the overall energy cost by eliminating or reducing wasteful leaks and pressure drops.

Some Topics Include

  • Basics of Compressed Air
  • Types of Compressors and Their Operation
  • System Layout and Compressed Air Piping
  • Compressor and System Controls
  • Clean Air Treatment Selection
  • Air Storage and Intermediate Flow Controls
  • Condensate Management
  • Calculating Annual Cost of Your Compressed Air System
  • Minimizing Life Cycle Costs
  • Tips for Effective Maintenance